Non-Medical Prescribing


Welcome to the non-medical prescribing (NMP) pages.  These are hosted on the NHS Grampian Medicines Management Web pages.  The following details may be helpful to you in undertaking your CPD activities.

Background to Non-Medical Prescribing in Grampian

NHSG has had a non-medical prescribing lead since 2006 when Linda Harper was appointed.

If you have any queries about non-medical prescribing, please contact Linda via email:  
Non-medical prescribing was a new and evolving role when Linda was appointed in 2006.  NMP has grown since then with the development of a NHSG Non-Medical Prescribing Policy and NMP working group.  NMP has developed from Nurse Prescribers to include Pharmacists and Allied Health Professionals (AHPs).

Having completed your NMP qualification it can often be quite daunting setting out as a non-medical prescriber.  Even when you have the support from a designated medical practitioner (DMP) or have implemented a Clinical Management Plan you can feel quite isolated using your new skills and knowledge.

However, this can be helped by maintaining your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and you will be fulfilling your professional responsibility as a NMP and also as a healthcare professional.  Not only developing your knowledge and confidence but also enhancing the care and service you provide to patients.

Providing evidence of CPD can be challenging but you can do this within the KSF frame work and see it as part of your life long learning.  

Peer support groups have been organised for some time now. The aim of these groups is to meet two to three times a year, to allow NMP's to network in an informal environment.  These groups are divided into the Local Community Health Partnerships (LCHP) throughout Grampian. Should you wish to become involved in organising any of the sessions in your area please contact your local representative from the following list.
The Peer groups are organised by the following people within each area of NHSG:
Moray - Sean Coady and Sandy Thompson
North - Gladys Buchan and Elaine Neil
Central - Cameron Matthew and Lesley Thompson
South - Louise Black and Eunice Chisholm
City - Anne Casson and Joan McLeod
Acute - Jane Ormerod, Fiona Dey and Lawrence Webster
Further information and resources can be found on the following pages:

NMP Policy and Framework documents  |  NMP Resources webpage