14.3 Storage and use

Questions raised at Vaccine Handling Training Sessions
Question 1
Are 'spent' vaccine containers (vials, syringes) disposed of in the same way as partly used vials/syringes?
YES. Partly used vaccines AND spent vaccine containers must be disposed of in the same Medicinal Products blue-lidded bins. These bins will be uplifted on the regular Yellow Stream Healthcare (including clinical) Waste consignment schedule.
Medicinal Products Blue-lidded bins can be ordered from Central Stores:
5 litre bins - CODE FZS707
Stores will normally supply in cartons with 48 bins at a time. If nursing teams require less than this, they can telephone Transport on (5)53654 and ask for the amount of bins they require. Alternatively, teams could arrange to 'share' an order of 48, taking turns with ordering.
Question 2
How can we be sure that travel vaccines brought to the surgery by patients have been stored properly?
At the initial travel consultation, when a prescription for a travel vaccine is issued, the clinician should inform the patient that the vaccines should be kept in the fridge. The patient should be advised to take the prescription to the pharmacy (to ensure the vaccine is available), but that they should not collect it until they are on their way to the practice to have it administered.
The community pharmacist should reinforce this advice.

Question 3
We keep adrenaline injections in our cars - is this ok?
Nurses should not routinely carry drugs. When a nurse is required to transport medicines (e.g. adrenaline, influenza vaccine etc) these should not be left unattended. All drugs should be removed from the car when the nurse returns to base.

Question 4 
Is there a cool bag that we can use for home visits?
The vaccines should be stored safely and correctly in an approved cool box. Advice should be sought from the pharmacy vaccine services technician on 01224 553223.

Question 5
Where can I get additional copies of the NHS Grampian Vaccine Handling Policy?
The policy can be downloaded from the Medicines Management pages on NHS Grampian Internet.
Link opens in new windowPolicy for Handling Vaccines and Refrigerated Pharmaceutical Products in Clinics, Hospitals, Community Pharmacies and GP Practices
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