Grampian Medicines Management Group (GMMG)

The Grampian Medicines Management Group (GMMG) provides the strategic leadership and communications function for medicines management in Grampian. The GMMG is the overarching parent body concerned with key medicines-related issues across Grampian. Its membership is taken from both management and clinicians, and includes public representation and links to the professional advisory structures within NHS Grampian.

Remit of the GMMG

  • Provide leadership for medicines management in NHS Grampian
  • Provide a horizon scanning service predicting likely cost pressures due to new and expensive drugs as well as anticipating drugs coming off patent, which may generate savings
  • Inform budget setting at area wide level and the division of funds between budgets, e.g. acute/primary
  • Performance manage prescribing in NHS Grampian
  • Communicate with all NHS Grampian prescribers and others involved in medicines management
  • Make macro prioritisation decisions taking account of affordability within the Grampian-wide context
  • Resolve interface issues requiring high level intervention
  • Provide strategic advice to the NHS Board, Community Health Partnerships and prescribers
  • Lead decision and policy making around contracting/purchasing, e.g. preferred supplier
  • Manage and resolve situations where prescribing practice fails to meet agreed standards of practice/quality
  • Deliver Grampian-wide recommendations on medicines management issues
  • Provide leadership for medicines management in NHS Grampian.

At a strategic level, the GMMG aims to provide the focus for advice and leadership for medicines management in NHS Grampian by regular communication with prescribers, using this website, the NHS Grampian-wide IMPACT newsletter, and the NHS Board, through the Grampian Management Team.


GMMG meets on the first Wednesday every second month.


Chair - Mr David Pfleger

  • Medical Director or representative
  • Director of Pharmacy and Medicines Management
  • Consultant/Specialist in Pharmaceutical Public Health
  • Formulary Manager
  • GP representative
    • To be nominated by the GP Sub-committee of the AMC - nominee to have a dual role (acting in both a professional advisory capacity and as an active member of GMMG).
  • Community Health Partnership (CHP) representatives
    • A representative from CHP management - equivalent to the Chairs and General Managers group
    • A CHP prescribing lead
  • Consultant representative
    • One representative nominated by the Consultant Sub-committee of the AMC - nominee to have the dual role of representing the Consultant committee (acting in both a professional advisory capacity and as an active member of GMMG)
    • Consultant Clinical Pharmacologist
  • Representative of the Area Pharmaceutical Committee - Chairman of the APC
  • Secondary care management representative
  • Finance
  • Chairs of Formulary, and Medicine Guidelines and Policies Groups
  • Nurse representative
  • Patient/public representative

Links to be maintained with dental representatives/committees

Communication with the GMMG

All communications with the GMMG should be sent to:
The Secretary GMMG, Westholme, Woodend Hospital, Queens Road, Aberdeen. AB15 6LS.

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