Medicines Management in Grampian


The overarching aim of Medicines Management in Grampian is to promote an integrated approach to medicines management across NHS Grampian, with an emphasis on high quality, cost-effective, evidence based and safe prescribing and use. This will cover traditional pharmaceuticals, vaccines and new technologies incorporating drugs.

In delivering these aims the medicines management groups are committed to the provision of timely advice to local prescribers and managers, and involve relevant stakeholders to ensure ownership of processes and decision making. The medicines management structure will ensure that effective communication systems are maintained to ensure understanding, openness, and transparency.

Grampian Medicines Management - An overview

Key aspects of the Grampian Medicine Management structure are the strategic lead steering group (GMMG) and the twin support Groups covering formulary management (Formulary Group) and guideline and protocol management (Medicine Guidelines and Policies Group).


  • To develop a region-wide approach to prescribing based on the Grampian Joint Formulary
  • To ensure the Grampian Joint Formulary contains only drugs agreed by consultants, GPs, pharmacists and other clinicians where appropriate, taking account of recommendations from NHS QIS, SMC and SIGN and giving consideration to the key components of efficacy, safety, pharmacokinetics and cost-effectiveness
  • To develop a system for the prioritisation and introduction of new drugs, taking account of affordability
  • To promote evidence based prescribing through education, training and the sharing of good practice
  • To develop more effective repeat prescribing systems through utilisation of medication reviews with a particular view to reducing polypharmacy and drug wastage
  • To develop electronic prescribing in secondary care
  • To utilise the feedback on prescribing performance against agreed criteria as a means of improving good practice
  • To provide guidance on partnership working with industry
  • To develop a system of horizon scanning for new developments in medicines and identification of future financial pressures
  • To have in place, an infrastructure to support effective medicines management.

Style of Working

  • Provide effective communication to ensure understanding, openness and transparency
  • Involve all stakeholders in order to ensure ownership of the processes
  • Share good practice
  • Ensure public involvement to improve understanding
  • Commit to embracing new technology and supporting continuous professional development
  • Build on existing partnership working and collaboration within the NHS and between health and social care providers.

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