8.0 Malignant Disease and Immunosuppresion

The use of these drugs is very specialised, and only a very limited number of clinicians prescribe them. They should be given only by, or under the supervision of, a specialist in malignant disease. The only exception to this is where cytotoxic drugs are used, usually in different dosage regimens, in specialist areas such as dermatology, rheumatology and for immunosuppression in patients with organ transplants. Because of the highly specialised nature of the use of these drugs, only brief details have been included in the following list of drugs used in Grampian. Specialist literature or members of staff in the ANCHOR Unit, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, should be consulted for more information.

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8.1 Cytotoxic drugs 
8.2 Drugs affecting the immune response 
8.3 Sex hormones and hormone antagonists in malignant disease

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