Shared Care Protocols/Policies

GP practices should be aware that they are only required to undertake blood monitoring for renal patients in exceptional circumstances. The renal physicians will contact the practice directly to arrange this.

Excessive venopuncture may predispose patients to poor venous access later in treatment and should be avoided.

Renal Shared Care Protocols/Policies

Listed below are the locally agreed shared care protocols.  These documents should be completed by consultants before sending to the prescribing GP. [LES = local enhanced service].

Not applicable to *renal patients, paediatrics and some ophthalmology patients - to be arranged on a case-by case basis by the ophthamology specialists

LES Link opens in new windowAmiodarone January 2011 [Word 73KB]
LES Link opens in new windowAzathioprine August 2010 [Word 81KB]
[0581] Link opens in new windowBio-Melatonin, Review Date: June 2015 [PDF 76KB]
LES Link opens in new windowCiclosporin oral August 2010 [Word 103KB] 
new[0631] Link opens in new windowClozapine Aberdeen City, Review Date: March 2016 [PFD 70KB]
newLES [0632]  Link opens in new windowClozapine Aberdeenshire, Review Date: March 2016 [PDF 77KB]
LES Link opens in new windowCyclophosphamide oral August 2010 [Word 78KB]